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this is sick im interested in purchasing some eq vst
This what I been looking for .....


Presets are fire


Fire getting more


Its cool. A lot of them are very low in volume. Then when using the 2 gain controls they add more low end making the vocal a little muddy


This product is amazing it is very easy to use.
Well build presents that use FL studio stock plugins. This also helps you learn what sauce is in each style of music from pop to trap. I just want more presents. Great job a must buy..


Vocal sauces is a game changer. It makes my self produced projects not so far fetched anymore. It’s like turning dreams u to reality!


I’ve been making misic for about a year and a half now but I never mixed or mastered myself. This pack makes it so easy. I’ve even showed my (old) producer what I’ve been making and all he said was “Bet, where I cop that.”


Love it

Polo G Vocal Preset Pack


Not sound corny but it’s great I like it


Super Dope Makes Recording So Much Simpler and cuts down mixing time in half by giving me the feel of the looking for

It deffly gives me a good head start on a mix but I’m so lost into how to manipulate things to my liking




Absolutely Amazing !!!!! Easy To Install & To Use

Vocal Sauce Vol. 2 - 50 Vocal Presets


Perfect. Thankful for this product.

Vocal Sauce Vol. 1 - 50 Vocal Presets


Definitely helps with newbies like me to understand mixing vocals. The presets give me a great starting point for me to do tweaks. Would love to see waves mastering presets. I would def buy. Thanks for all you’re hard work to help us out.




Fire love how all of them are mixed. Helps me find different sounds.