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It works great, very good use of Logic's stock plugins. Definitely helped speed up my work flow and get more creative. Only thing I think would help is instead of the main presets and ad lib presets, I'd like to see a separate set of patches for main vocals, harmonies, background vocals, etc.


Saved me thousands of dollars worth of studio time. Now I can unleash my full creativity and make changes to my mixes whenever I want. This amount of musical freedom is unmatched. Thank you!

Now I can record some insane flows.

Ziplahch Ahch

Game changer!

It’s good only problem is I like to use them while recording and hearing myself. When I click on one of the presets it take off the playback during recording how do I fix that.


I think it’s awesome!!! I made a really good song with this it def helped me out


I think it’s amazing


Dope!!! Simple and easy


Been using it 99% of the time now


You never miss my boy. Shit definitely cold💯


Work pretty good 😬


Second preset pack I’ve purchased from baywood, always nice to give me the vibe I’m looking for, the added adlibs and mastering chains are a HUGE bonus


Another Fire Vocal Pack,, Melodic Sauce 1 was a game changer,, Melodic Sauce 2 hits just as hard,, blessed for helping me continue to improve my music/production. I stay motivated in the studio & it keeps me hungry to make more music. 🙏🏼

Maannnn this sh** dope af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great preset love the clarity I just don’t like the sound of the dubs I think it’s just me tho everything else sounds good


Mannn this preset is crazy , I’m gonna do a lot with it!!


This is great I sound like a main stream artist and even better I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for good quality vocals


Really great presets. highly recomended. easy install easy to use. im alredy looking at buying more. jordan baywood is the truth..


It’s worth every penny I really don’t have to pay for any studio time anymore 🔥🔥🔥

This is absolutely fireee totally worth it if you want to take your mixes and masters to the next level without wasting time 💯


These joints the game...I'm literally re.mixing and mastering all my songs


Amazing variety, creating ALOT of opportunities in the mix 🔥

Waves All-In-One Sauce
Chance Nickaboine

It's crazy how helpful these presets are. Not only do they give you a great foundation, but they also give you ideas to where a vocal can be taken.


Absolutely love it, can’t wait to make more songs using your presets