Baywood Hip Hop Recording & Mixing Template

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Custom Made Templates for Logic Pro X & Pro Tools

From Baywood's YouTube series

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This makes recording so much easier!! Thank you!


It was Great! thanks..

masonjOfficial OR (poppintrunksproductions)

Simply amazing. The template mixed with the vocal packs is a make or break for artists who cannot afford to hire a personal engineer. Also if you have a great sense of creativity but have trouble designing mixes you can still take those mixes and run with it by adding certain elements into your tracks. This takes an artist closed door of being unable to put out quality tracks worth listening to and transforms that close door into pandoras box of progress especially during an economic crisis. This guy right here as well as producers who pay to put verses from big artists on pre loaded beat packs are the Rap/HipHop saviors of this generation PERIOD. Especially for indie artists. Please baywood if you ever make enough to do what I just mentioned do it...I will fork out on packs like that and I will bring people to you who will also. Your a game changer and a broke talented musicians hero. Thank you.


I still trying to get the hang of it. I’ve be using the Vocal Sauce, so far so good. I’m not the best at recording myself but your presets really help so it’s something I’m getting use to and I could see it really being beneficial.


The template is a good starting point; Moreover, you can adjust the settings of the template to accommodate your style of recording and mixing.


You can find me on StarMaker under JeffreyPruitt no space I haven’t put anything to music new to the production game but I’m looking forward to using your template and presets I have the presets loaded but am having a problem loading the template because my c: drive ran out of space and plus I had my files kinda messy anyway had to start ove I would love to have you listen to my music after I get thru I hope it’s where if I need to download the template where I can get it again I’ve been learning this since feb.