Melodic Sauce Vol. 2 - 25 Vocal Presets

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  • Instant download
  • Vocal preset pack
  • 25 lead vocal presets
  • Five bonus ad-lib presets
  • Five bonus mastering chains
  • Using stock plugins only 
  • Easy Install guide & walkthrough 
  • Made for Melodic Rappers & Singers


What's the difference between VOL. 1 and VOL. 2?

They're brand new presets made for melodic singers and rappers. If you enjoyed Vol. 1 you will be sure to enjoy Vol. 2! 

If you have Logic Pro X there is a new way to install the presets so be sure to check out the install guide once you download it.

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This preset pack is made for any upcoming melodic rapper or singer recording themselves in Logic Pro X, FL Studio, or Ableton using stock plugins.

This product is only using stock plugins from the music software listed below. 

Made for Logic Pro X, FL Studio, and Ableton.

If you have one of those DAWs this preset pack will work for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Alejandro Gomez

It works great, very good use of Logic's stock plugins. Definitely helped speed up my work flow and get more creative. Only thing I think would help is instead of the main presets and ad lib presets, I'd like to see a separate set of patches for main vocals, harmonies, background vocals, etc.

Daniel Light

Saved me thousands of dollars worth of studio time. Now I can unleash my full creativity and make changes to my mixes whenever I want. This amount of musical freedom is unmatched. Thank you!

Jeffry Rodriguez

Now I can record some insane flows.

Matthew Bowers
Ziplahch Ahch

Game changer!

Deonte Hamilton

It’s good only problem is I like to use them while recording and hearing myself. When I click on one of the presets it take off the playback during recording how do I fix that.

LeeAnn Sayman

I think it’s amazing