Waves All-In-One Sauce

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  • All 5 Waves sauce vocal preset packs
  • 150 lead vocal preset in each pack
  • 50 ad-lib & dub presets
  • Made using STUDIO RACK
  • How to install tutorial inside
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Does not come with WAVES Plugins
  • Must have Waves Plugins

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Plugins used:

 STUDIO RACK- Free plugin by waves

(1) Silver Sauce - C1 Gate , Mondo Mod , REQ 6, R-Compressor, True verb, REQ 2, DeEsser, Q10, Ren AXX, Super Tap, IR-L, Doubler2, Enigma, Waves-Tune Real Time.

(2) Gold Sauce - Audio Track, Mondo Mod, REQ 6, R-Compressor, R-Verb , SuperTap 6, Doubler 2, De-Esser, REQ2, Sibilance, Q10, REQ2, R Comp , Enigma, C1 Gate, MV2, Vitamin, R-AXX, Waves-Tune real-time, H-Delay

(3) Platinum SauceR-Channel , Mondo Mod, REQ 6 , R-Compressor, R-Verb , R-Compressor, Super Tap 6 , Doubler 2, Sibilance, Vitamin, H-Comp , REQ 2,  MV2, Puigtec EQs, PS22 spread, h delay, AXX, Meta flanger, Waves-Tune Real-Time

(4) Diamond SauceR-Channel , Mondo Mod, REQ6, R Compressor, R-Verb, Saphira, Puigtec EQS, Vitamin, REQ 2, Sibilance, H-Comp, H-Delay, MV2, C4, AXX, PS22 Spread, Super tap 6 , Waves-Tune real time, Meta flanger, Q10.

(5) SSL + Diamond SauceR-Channel , Mondo Mod, REQ6, r comp, R-Verb, Saphira, Puigtec, vitamin, REQ 2, sibilance, H comp, h delay, MV2, C4, AXX, PS22 Spread, super tap 6 , waves tune (sometimes) , Meta-Flanger, Q10. SSL E channel, SSL G Channel.

Never worry about upgrading again. This bundle includes all five vocal preset packs in one. Yes, you may have a silver or gold pack now, but what happens when you upgrade to the next bundle with waves plugins? Then you'll have to purchase another vocal preset pack on here. Each package includes different sounding presets; however, most of the names are the same to keep it simple. This vocal preset pack is perfect for any upcoming star recording themselves with waves plugins. It makes you sound like a professional with ease and has a unique feel that fits any vocal style. These presets have been tested on 200 different vocals using all different mic types ranging from $30-$1,000—everything you need to sound professional with no experience required. You can use these presets on any DAW if you have the correct Waves Plugins.

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Customer Reviews

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Plolso Balance

It's good and I need to learn more to using.


Excellent actually here’s a song on YouTube I made with your Presets


I love it, I made the switch from the stock plug-ins with vocal sauce. And this is just mind blowing on how great it sounds now. I can’t wait for you to do a mastering set up with waves


Very useful for beginners, I wish you could load presets faster though!


Using Studio Rack with all of the One Sauce presets in one folder makes for a smooth work flow. It’s simple and easy to audition the presets on tracks. The All In One Sauce has done a lot of the heavy lifting required for getting a great mix on tracks and even for mastering.


These presets are pretty dope. Of course you have to do some tweaking to a few to make sure they fit your voice properly. But these are definitely great to get you a solid mix.